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Art by Rel

Designs by hisescape

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graphic freebies

Welcome to Art by Rel

This community is now closed until further notice. Thanks for a great 10 years! ♥


1. Fill out the form here. | 2. Join & wait to be accepted. | 3. Follow the rules located here. | 4. When requesting please use the appropriate forms. | 5. NO stealing. [If you steal I will find out. And I can promise you, for you will be banned from just about every well known graphic community.]

About the Owner

My name is Orella but everyone calls me Rel. I'm 28 years old and I love making graphics. Blinkies and sigtags are my specialty and I love to create blinkies with those super cute paid pixels. I love coming home to create new cuties. It really helps me unwind from all my annoyances/frustrations/sadness/younameit. When I'm not making graphics I'm spending time with my cats, my husband, my family, & my friends. I spend my time working part time at my community college in Media Services and doing Closed Captioning. I really enjoy what I do at the college and I feel like I'm giving back. ♥

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