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Art by Rel

Designs by hisescape

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graphic freebies

Welcome to Art by Rel

This community will now be my gallery as my website is not working. All entries will be made public so please do not steal my graphics as I am trusting you all by not expecting membership.


♥ If you would like to join my email loved list for free please head over to this entry.

♥ You can check out my gallery using this tag

♥ Forms can be found on this page. Please DO NOT make your own forms. If you continue to make your own forms after I've told you twice I will be removing you from my loved list and put you on my ban list for up to three months.

About the Owner

My name is Orella but everyone calls me Rel. I'm 30 years old and I love making graphics. Blinkies and sigtags are my specialty and I love to create blinkies with those super cute paid pixels. I love coming home to create new cuties. It really helps me unwind from all my annoyances/frustrations/sadness/younameit. When I'm not making graphics I'm spending time with my husband, my three beautiful children (all under three years old), my cats, my family & my friends. I am a stay at home mom and love it. I love watching my children grow and learn new things. My husband and my kids are my world and I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I never imagined that having my own family would bring me such joy. Thank you Jesus! ♥

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