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Welcome to my loved list sign up page. I am currently accepting new members for my email loved list. I opened this new club at the end of 2015 when I left LiveJournal. If you are still interested in becoming a member of my email loved list it is FREE for a lifetime membership. This means that you can get in on my blinkies, sigtags and icons for the lifetime of my site Art by Rel. All you have to do is read my rules and then follow the instructions below.

I will send out an email at the beginning of each month (no later than the 5th) with how many items (blinkies, sigtags and/or icons) you can request and what date your requests need to be in by.
Requesting each month is optional.
You do not have to request every month to stay apart of my club. You will get an email every month regardless whether you participate or not.
Lifetime means you will be apart of my email loved list club for the lifetime of my site Art by Rel.
When sending in your form to sign up please make sure you provide a color from the following choices: blue, green, pink or purple.The reason why I need you to choose a color is because there are color customizations in my gallery whether it be clothing or an object. The color you choose will be the color I change that customization to. The default color in the gallery for the customizations is blue because I use myself as the examples and my color is blue.
Also please let me know what hair color you choose as well: blonde, black, brown OR red.^ This is mandatory and will help me complete your requests faster. ^
All blinkies, sigtags and icons can be used on LiveJournal unless stated otherwise individually on the graphic. Please do not use your blinkies, sigtags and/or icons on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or any other social networking site. Please feel free to email me for permission.
Please make sure you read these additional RULES as well.

Please send me an email (ARTBYREL@GMAIL.COM) with the following:
SUBJECT LINE: Loved List Sign Up
Hair color:
Color Choice:
Email you want your graphics sent to:
LJ username: (if you have one)
Person who referred you to join:

Currently I am having a special. If you refer a friend to join my email loved list you will receive a one-of-a-kind blinkie or sigtag for every person who signs up under your name. One-of-a-kind blinkie and sigtags will NEVER be re-made for anyone else NOR will they be put in my gallery. They are made for you and you only.
Man&Wife Rings [stock]


This community will be temporarily open as I try to fix my website.


No stealing/copying me
If you are a fellow maker please be original! Do NOT copy my ideas or my creations (blinkies, sigtags & icons).
Do NOT rip apart my blinkies or sigtags. Most of time I use paid pixels which I have PAID for out of my OWN pocket. If you love a specific pixel, ask me where I got it from and if the site is still around I'll send you over so you can buy your own pixels. If it's a freeware pixel I'll give you the original pixel I found, NOT the pixel I edited to my liking.

Do not make your own forms.
Always use MY forms. I will provide you with the form you need to complete your request. NEVER make your own forms. I will remind you once if you make your own form but the second time I will skip over your requst. Nothing bothers me more than a member who can't copy and paste.

When Requesting:
If you are requesting an icon whether it be custom or gallery please do not give me a black #000000 hex, a white #FFFFFF hex or a gray hex as your second color when putting in your request.
If you are requesting an icon whether it be custom or gallery I will not do the following: Profanity, Disney or major holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day).
I will also not do any of the above ^^ when I create one of a kind (exclusive) blinkies/sigtags out of pixels, so please do not ask.
Some of my inspiration when I make my blinkies, sigtags and icons are centered around my family and the joy they bring me. My main inspiration comes from Jesus Christ. ♥ He helps me breathe life into my graphics.

Pick ups
Manners are love, so please use them.
Please try to pick up your graphic within a week. After a month has gone by I will delete any left over pick ups. NEVER hotlink your graphics from my server. Upload to your own!
I only use Photobucket to post my pick ups. If for some reason you are having issues with Photobucket then please comment or PM me with your email and I will send your pick ups to you via email.

Credit is ALWAYS required
Icons should be credited in your userpics.
Pixel graphics, Icons and regular graphics should be credited to artbyrel or hisescape.
My graphics are only to be used on LJ.
-Sigtags may be used in emails/personal websites, but MUST be credited!
-Facebook covers, obviously, may be used on FB with credit to my website.
-Please contact me for permission before using graphics anywhere else.
Failure to credit my work will result in your request being ignored.

Be respectful
This is a drama free community so please be kind to your neighbors when requesting or participating in the community.

I reserve the right to change these rules as I see fit. I also reserve the right to not make for anyone I feel like.
Thank you for reading and following my rules.